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Small Business Development Center

Cochise College

One-on-one business counseling and assistance in planning, marketing, accounting, start-up, licensing, strategic planning, government procurement, technology development & identifying sources of capital, with special initiatives in veterans assistance, clean technology & government contracting.

Arizona Border Counties Coalition

Advancing economic development opportunities along the Arizona-Mexico border

The Arizona Border Counties Coalition (ABCC) was created in 2017 and consists of one representative from each participating county (Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz & Yuma) selected by the participating county’s board of supervisors. The role of the coalition is to help move local, state, and federal legislation and regulation forward that help advocate and/or accelerate economic development opportunities in southern Arizona with a specific focus on policies and issues that affect the quality of life and economy along the border. 

ABCC’s mission is to advance economic development opportunities along the Arizona-Mexico border as well as identifying disproportionate fiscal cost transfers to the border counties.