Development Opportunities

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Opportunity Awaits! 

Bisbee-Douglas International Airport

425 acres of developable land with direct access to US Route 191, a 20-minute drive from the US/Mexico Douglas Port of Entry.

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Douglas Port of Entry

The Douglas Port of Entry is Arizona's second busiest commercial port, measured by the value of imports and exports. In December 2018, the General Services Administration (GSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) confirmed the need for a two-port solution to meet the future needs of the port of entry and communities of Douglas and Agua Prieta. CBP has stated the remodeling of this facility is a top priority, and Cochise County has committed to working with its regional and federal partners to ensure the future success of this major project.

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Willcox Wine Industry

The Board of Supervisors recognizes the growing Willcox Wine Industry as one of Cochise County’s major economic drivers. A 2017 Arizona Office of Tourism study estimated the state's wine industry creates $56.2 million in economic output, 640 jobs, and $3.6 million in state and local taxes annually. With over 75% of the state’s grapes grown in Willcox and the increasing popularity of the area’s tasting rooms, viticulture has become a key component of Cochise County’s economic future. The county has committed to providing significant infrastructure support to the wine industry, including the paving of a major vineyard and tourism road and additional signage.